OmniChange technology is among the top 10% most cited articles in PLoS ONE




Schwaneberg group is very glad to inform you that OmniChange is among the top 10% most cited PLoS ONE articles. The article was viewed 11,601 times and cited 32 times as of June 2017. In 2011, Schwaneberg group published the OmniChange technology that performs site saturation mutagenesis of up to five positions simultaneously. 3.2 million variants can be generated in one afternoon. OmniChange is advantageous over other multi-site saturation methods due to the sequence- and DNA modifying enzyme independency. Synergistic effects among the saturated positions are discovered, which cannot be achieved by single site saturation. OmniChange has been already successfully implemented in various protein engineering studies including phytase and glucose oxidase evolution.

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