Field trip to the tropics - Industry excursion to Bayer Division Crop Sciences


RWTH students visit Bayer Division Crop Sciences


A field trip to the tropics - industry excursion to Bayer Division Crop Sciences

Students and Professor Schwaneberg in the Tropicarium Bio VI Our students and Professor Schwaneberg are visiting the Tropicarium of Bayer Division Crop Sciences

On 9th of June, the Schwaneberg work group organized the annual industry excursion to its destination at the plant health and biotechnology company Bayer Division Crop Sciences - Seeds and Plant Protection - in Monheim. A total of 18 students under the guidance of Professor Schwaneberg were guided through the plant that can select novel substances based upon fugicidal and pesticidal capabilities and develop them into final products on its campus. Our students could visit the substance logistics department that caters for more than 2.5 million new compounds which are tirelessly stored, sorted and aliquoted by giant robot arms. In Bayer’s experimental green house, the visitors got a short glimpse into the rigorous testing regime that annually boils down 300.000 herbicide/pesticide/fungicide candidates to a few hundred that are tested in green houses. This process is assisted by sealed systems that minimize the exposure of experimentators to the substances. After a short visit to the subtropical “Tropicarium” – Bayer’s Conference Center and cantine – our students were informed about the various local and regional projects on pollination, bee health and pollinator safety of agricultural practices in different parts of the world.