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Green and versatile functionalization of polypropylene by anchor peptides.

  Fusion protein and anchor peptide Bio VI

Polypropylene is a wide spread commodity polymer used in medicine, textiles or packaging. Surface functionalization of polypropylene is performed to increase wettability, adhesion, or dyeing behavior, but it is challenging due to absent functional groups. Functionalization using peptides naturally evolved for surface interaction represents an attractive alternative to conventional modification techniques.

In this study polypropylene binding peptides were identified, characterized and used to successfully functionalize polypropylene surfaces. Anchor peptides bind to polypropylene at room temperature in water and show stability against treatment with surfactants. The presented anchor peptide toolbox enables easy to handle, green functionalization of polypropylene based materials.

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Rübsam, K., Stomps, B., Jakob, F., Böker, A., Schwaneberg, U.; Anchor peptides: A green and versatile method for polypropylene functionalization; Polymer, 2017; [DOI: 10.1016/j.polymer.2017.03.070]